Workplace Safety & Relations

Most businesses with less than 100 employees won’t be able to justify an experienced full time HR Manager, but at the same time, will have employment requirements on either a short term, project or regular basis. Our team can assist you to build the essential policies, procedures, contracts and employment systems required to manage your obligations, and ensure your business runs smoothly.

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Termination of Employment & Redundancy Advice

Archangel Workplace Solutions is experienced in providing advice to clients on termination of employment and redundancy, with a particular focus on how to manage and minimise risk. We have an intimate understanding of the Fair Work Act, decisions being made in the Fair Work Commission, and the effects of such decisions on business.

Tribunal Representation

Archangel Workplace Solutions has represented many clients in Fair Work Commission proceedings, and in responding to Fair Work Ombudsman complaints. Whether it may be an unfair dismissal, general protections dispute, underpayment claim or a discrimination complaint, we provide specialised workplace relations representation in these jurisdictions at a fraction of the costs of general unspecialised lawyers.

Employment Disputes & Complaints

From time to time, businesses will come across a difficult workplace complaint or dispute which continues for a number of months without resolution. Archangel Workplace Solutions can offer a range of investigative and mediation services to resolve such complaints efficiently and effectively, but also in a manner compliant with employment legislation.

Modern Award & Fair Work Act Advice

Archangel Workplace Solutions has regularly provided advice to clients on almost all Modern Industry Awards and on the Fair Work Act. If you need advice on minimum rates for full time, part time or casual employees, penalty rates, entitlements, or other provisions of the Award or the Act, we can provide you with clear guidance on your obligations, but also on strategies to improve flexibility within your workplace.

Employment Agreements & Policies

Archangel Workplace Solutions can provide detailed advice, documents and templates which clearly outline the terms and conditions of employment in a manner consistent with the Fair Work Act. In addition, we can advise on appropriate standards of behaviour, performance and conduct to assist you in driving higher standards within your workplace to deliver good business outcomes.

Business owners are responsible for health and safety in the workplace. Let us help you to ensure you stay on top of all your workplace issues and safety obligations.