Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF)

Like other super funds, SMSFs help you to save for your retirement, however the big difference is that an SMSF is run by YOU, which gives you extra control over where and what you invest in.

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Investing for Retirement with Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSFs)

Have you ever wondered what your economic status would be like 20, 30 or even 40 years from now?

The fact is, with advances in health and medicine, we are living longer now than ever before in history. As a result, when you decide to stop working you will need to have an alternative source of income. Your expenses will not end when you reach retirement.  You need to retire the right way so that you can cover not only your basic necessities, but to also have the money to travel, visit family and friends and to do other things that will allow you to comfortably enjoy life in your remaining years.

This is precisely what a Self-Managed Superannuation fund is designed to do. The amount you invest in the SMSF for your retirement, will be impacted by a number of factors including the lifestyle you intend to have, circumstances that arise in your life, as well as your personal goals. Plus, all of the income and assets in your SMSF are fully protected from seizure or forfeiture.