Accounting & Taxation Services

What do the numbers say about your business? Business is a numbers game and the more you know, the sharper your business decisions will be.  Unfortunately, many business owners don’t realise they are short-changing themselves simply by not reviewing their numbers as often as they should, or fail to understand the real story behind the numbers resulting in a significant competitive and financial disadvantage.

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Accounting Services

We do more than just add up the numbers.  Our team of experienced tax and accounting advisors will let you know the true story your numbers are telling about your business in easy-to-read monthly reports. When you know the full story about your numbers, you will be in a better position to take the right steps to ensure they continue to align with your business goals and objectives.

Tax Advisory Services

Are you overpaying taxes each year?  Many individuals and business professionals are paying more taxes than they need to for a variety of reasons. It may be fear of a tax audit, not realising which tax deductions they are entitled to, having a business structure that places them at a tax disadvantage or just not understanding changes they can make to reduce their tax liability, to name a few. When we review your numbers, we always look for legal tax and financial strategies you are entitled to that will result in paying the lowest legal tax. This will allow your business to keep more of its profits.

Tax Audit Assurance

One of the biggest fears facing taxpayers is the possibility of a tax audit by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). And, rightfully so as making a small mistake on a tax return can result in thousands of dollars in costly penalties and interest. Not to mention the time and effort of having to assemble all required information.

When we perform tax accounting services for our clients, we guarantee the accuracy of all tax returns and other documentation through our tax audit assurance program. If your tax return happens to be selected at random for an audit, our tax accountants will provide all required documentation necessary to satisfy the audit.

Compliance Services

The ability to remain compliant with a variety of complex regulations from a host of state, local and federal governmental authorities is one of the most difficult aspects of running a business.  However, failure to remain compliant and stay updated on changing regulations can financially ruin a business.  Business owners that use our compliance services sleep better at night knowing that their business meets and/or exceeds all required regulations that apply to their specific industry as well as their physical establishments. More importantly, with the fear of hefty fines eliminated, they have avoided a potential roadblock that could have negatively impacted their financial plan for a secure future.

Whilst having accurate financial information is important, it is just the first of many important chapters that are required to get the full story about your business.  At Archangel Wealth each of our divisions represents an important chapter in your business covering everything from accounting and tax strategies to wealth creation,  protection and retirement.